Avon Group for Contraception and Sexual Health

Chair:   Dr Megan Crofts          Vice Chair:   Dr Frederica von Hawrylak

Future Avon Group Meetings

Avon Group for Contraception and Sexual Health held their first webinar meeting on Tuesday 8 September 2020 via zoom.  You can view this via this LINK.  Please request password from avon@avoncash.org.uk

Topic STI’s and Antibiotic Resistance – Dr Paddy Horner

Future dates for educational meetings are Tuesday 19 January – Wednesday 21 April – Thursday 16 September 2021


External meetings

The annual Contraception and Sexual Health update from Unity Sexual Health has been postponed until Tuesday 11 May 2021 and will be held at Holiday Inn, Filton.

There will, however, be a shorter virtual meeting on Tuesday 13 October 2020 which is free to Bristol area clinicians.